From Indianapolis Engagement Photos to Wedding Day Photography: A Bride’s Tips and Tricks

From Indianapolis Engagement Photos to Wedding Day Photography: A Bride’s Tips and Tricks are just what you need to plan all of your photo details.

Need some help picking your engagement session outfit? Or selecting a location for your photos? Maybe you’ve been wondering how family groupings work out on wedding day. Or how to prepare for those gorgeous flat lay detail photos.

Wedding photos are a lot, we know.

But don’t worry, girl. We got you covered thanks to the advice from a couple who has experienced it all.

Brittany and Nate have been through every step of the photography process. I photographed their Holcomb Gardens engagement session. And then later I captured their beautiful wedding at the Mavris.

These two know the in’s and outs of engagement and wedding photos. And luckily for any bride-to-be, they’ve shared some helpful tips and tricks for preparing for your photos.

Check out Brittany’s tips for your photos from engagement to wedding.

Brittany and Nate,Brittany and Nate Engagement,

What are your tips for picking an engagement session location?

I think this all depends on the couple. Pick something that is related to you and your fiance. If you love Chicago, don’t be afraid to make a trip to the city to get amazing skyline backdrops. If you love being outdoors, pick an area with beautiful trees and greenery. This will make you have fun and be more comfortable in the area.

Brittany and Nate,Brittany and Nate Engagement,

Give some advice on selecting your engagement session outfits.

Keep it classic and simple! Also, try to get outfits that compliment your session location and your fiance. No need to go and get some crazy outfits. It is all about showing off your style as a couple!

Brittany and Nate,Brittany and Nate Engagement,

How did you stay comfortable during your engagement session?

I think having a photographer that makes you feel comfortable to be around is so important. Sara was so fun and laid back, she made all of our nerves go away.

Brittany and Nate,Brittany and Nate Engagement,

How did you select the season of your engagement photos?

We knew we wanted fall right away. We loved the outfit and location options that we could do with it. We love fall as a couple too – so it was perfect for us.

Nate and Brittany Wedding,

How did you prep for your wedding photos?

Having open communication with your photographer is so important to prepare. Sara was wonderful with this. We got together before the big day and created our entire timeline. As the day got closer, other ideas and questions popped into my head. Sara was always responsive and made sure everything was in order before the big day.

Nate and Brittany Wedding,

Did you have any wedding photos that were super important to you?

I really wanted candid photos throughout the day. I think it captures the true emotions of everyone. Sara’s style is perfect when it comes to capturing all the little moments throughout the day, I didn’t even have to tell her anything specific! Those were the most special to me.

Nate and Brittany Wedding,

Describe what you put in your accessory box for paper and detail photos.

The details box was so fun to prepare. I put in some of our stationary, including or program, thank you card, and invitation. I also included a Mrs. Box that complimented the colors of our wedding. We also threw in my earrings and perfume I would be wearing on the day. Sara also suggested to put in some ribbon. She assembled everything so perfectly, the pictures of the details are some of my favorites. I highly suggest doing a details box!

Nate and Brittany Wedding,

Explain the process and importance of pre-planning all family grouping photos and how that helped on wedding day.

Oh gosh – this was so important. You don’t realize how hectic that time is going to be during the day of. We met with Sara before, and she planned out each family photo in a timeline. We were able to give those family members a heads up, letting them know to stay close after the ceremony. Sara was a rock star during this time. We got through every picture so quickly, and we didn’t have to track anyone down. We were even able to enjoy some of our cocktail hour!

Nate and Brittany Wedding,

Any other tips or tricks you’d like to share?

You will hear so many times before your wedding day to, “Soak it all in – it goes by so fast.” It is the truth. That is why I am so thankful I had Sara. Even though she was my photographer, she also coordinated our day so well and kept it on pace. I did not have to worry about a thing, which allowed me to cherish the time with my groom, family, and friends.

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