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You read that right – DOGS AT WEDDINGS. Eek! Sara and Nick brought their dog, Maple to their wedding!

We love dogs at weddings

I think 2019 was the year of dogs at weddings and we LOVED it! We met so many cute pups – at engagement sessions, at wedding day prep, at the wedding itself. Honestly, how can you be anything but happy when you have your dog at your wedding? So before we go any further, do yourself a favor and take a moment to look at all these dogs at weddings:

Caitlin and Andrew brought their dog along for photos at the Columbia Club wedding day. Their sweet girl wore a floral collar and we nearly fell over from how cute she was.

My sister-in-law brought my beloved dog nephew, Vincent, to her wedding day prep. This wasn’t the first Boldly Chic Events wedding day dog that we’ve seen, but it was the cutest!

Christina and Billy had their dog meet them at their church before heading to their Indiana Roof Ballroom wedding.

Tara and Tyler brought both of their girls to their wedding. These pups were flower girls and stuck around to be in some of the cutest photos ever.

But still, Sara and Nick were the best thing at this wedding

Even with their sweet girl at the wedding, Sara and Nick were still the best part of this day. Starting with Sara and the amount of creativity she put into each detail of this wedding day. She hand-painted invitations, created hanging floral pieces and painted each escort card. Her heart was seen and felt in every detail and that’s something we will never forget about this day. Together Sara and Nick were easy to celebrate. They’re gentle and kind and we loved that we were the ones who got to capture their happiest day.

We love each and every time we get to go to the Mavris. This venue is one of the best in town, in our opinion and we have seen some gorgeous days there. Including this beautiful day for Brittany and Nate.


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